John Clark

John is an artist, collector and curator of oddities. He studied Art and Design at Oneonta College and at The Fashion Institute of Technology. After 5 years of working as a fashion designer in NYC, life brought him and his family to San Francisco where he became an apprentice to a famous local painter. While learning his trade, he began to collect antiques found at flea markets, garage sales and this new company called eBay.

During his time in San Francisco, his hobby of collecting skateboards turned into a passion. Over the next few years, he acquired one of the world’s largest skateboard collections. His current gallery showcases over 1000 Bakelite radios, numerous cameras, TV’s and clocks: all vintage and in perfect condition. He soon after began his interest in taxidermy, religious artifacts and books.

John has recently added paintings from The Highway Men and various Haitian artists to his enormous collection.

Currently, John lives in Delray Beach where he opened his first store, Art and Oddities, where he continues to collect, curate and paint.